How to Protect Your Railings in the Winter

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The winter is a harsh time for porch railings, as they are constantly being hit with snow, ice, and salt from cars driving by. There are many ways to protect your porch or deck railings in the winter! This blog post will discuss four great solutions to help you keep your railing safe over the winter months.

First, you can spray your railings with a liquid repellent surface protector to add an extra layer of protection. This option is perfect if you’ve had problems in the past with salt or snow sticking to your railing. Before using any product, please make sure the product can be used on metal and aluminum railings!

Second, you could try applying a coating on top of your railing for an extra layer of protection. The best coatings include powder-coated polymers that are UV resistant and abrasion-resistant. These types of coatings will change the colour and appearance of your railings.

Third, you could always try using an aluminum railing cover on top of your existing railings for extra protection from snow and salt buildup over the winter months. These covers are specially designed to fit around posts securely with bungee straps! They can be used indoors & outdoors and come in a variety of colours and designs!

Fourth, you can always try using an anti-sail device on top of your railing for extra protection. Anti-sails are designed to be placed over the end post or corner posts of railings to prevent snow from building up there during winter storms. These devices generally come with a colour-matching powder coat finish and are made of heavy-duty aluminum designed to last!

There are plenty of great ways to protect your railings during the winter months! From applying a coating on top, adding an extra layer with a spray, using an aluminum railing cover, or placing anti-sails on top of your railings – there is a solution for every budget! Be sure to protect that investment you made in your home.

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